Main Building

The Yard

Rest House Building

Main Building

Main Exhibit Hall(Entrance is on the 2nd Floor)

Walking through a gKaleidoscopeh tunnel, you will see a marvelous WORLD spreading in front of you. Water flows through a huge replica of Arakawa River which is displayed in the hall. A large-screen film presentation can be enjoyed every hour on the hour. You may touch many of the displays in this hall including the life-sized gFunagurumah(water-mill with a boat) and gNibuneh(carriage boat) on the River.

Theme exhibitions introduce you to many faces of Arakawa River such as old folk tales and festivals, or various ways of water purification and flood control. The gWorkshoph can be fun, too, and you will learn many scientific features of rivers and water.

Second Exhibit Hall

This room provides information with reference to water environment and river culture. Exhibits illustrate same.

Adventure Theater "KAWASEMI"

Seats are movable in rhythm with the powerful motion on the screen. It takes you on a trip going down the Arakawa River or the Rhein River .

Arakawa Information Center

Enjoy the gflood control gameh or ga balloon triph on computer panels.

The Yard

Water Mill Area

Arakawa "Waku Waku" Land
i Water Athleticsj

Why don't you try water athletics? Implements used were originally mede by the museum using waterpower and science.

iClosed from December to February. j

Arakawa Model "173"

This is a Geographical Model of Arakawa River made on a reduced scale of 1:1000, its length is 173 meter. Touching certain buttons on the panel changes or controls various streams on the model.


Huge Picture "Ikuharu (Scenery in Late Spring)"


"The Earth Harmony"

Fountain Pool


Rest House Building

Rest Hall (1st Floor)
Free for anyone to use. There is a sightseeing map with guidance provided on the panel in the room.
Museum ShopgCopainh (1st Floor)
Original museum goods are available to see and purchase here.
Restaurant@gKawahaku Shokudouh (2nd Floor)
Enjoy your Lunch or Tea with the beautiful scenery of Arakawa River and Big Water Mill, the symbol of the Museum.

Faciliteis Museum highlights Information

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